Four-State Run for the Lighthouse


Long distance runner George Melichar will be running from the French Quarter in New Orleans to the Pensacola Lighthouse this July to raise money for the restoration of the Pensacola Lighthouse.

Billed as the 'Krewe du Shoe' Run, Melichar will be running an average of 60 miles per day to cover the total distance of over 230 miles in 4 days on July 24-27. In addition to raising money for the restoration of the Pensacola Lighthouse, George’s run will honor the children attending the Salvation Center School in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

"My passion for running in New Orleans has lead me to serve my community by aiding in recovery." says Melichar, "As I have traveled the world running marathons, I have come to appreciate the city landmarks, the neighborhoods I run through, and the residents’ enthusiasm as I run pass."

According to Melichar his goal is to raise $800,000 needed to repoint or restore the weathered masonry in this historical lighthouse tower to ensure it is around for future generations.

"I also hope that by helping to preserve this historical landmark with my four-state run I will also generate attention to the beauty and tourism opportunities available to Gulf Coast visitors."

In addition to donations, the Pensacola Lighthouse is looking for volunteers to help support Melichar as he makes this historic run from New Orleans, through Gulfport, Biloxi, Pascagoula, Mobile, Baldwin County and on to the Pensacola Lighthouse.

You can donate at: